Amira Al-Sharif

Photojournalist Amira Al-Sharif was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Yemen. Working as a female photojournalist in Yemen, where most of her fellow Yemeni photographers are male, she continues to push cultural and societal boundaries.

Amira began working as a professional photographer in 2005 for the Yemen Observer, the Spectrum Newspaper, and eventually for the Yemen Times 2008, where she bravely covered stories as both photographer and reporter on political upheaval and impoverished living conditions in southern Yemen. Her work has also been published in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. In 2009 Amira worked with Oxfam International and UNICEF, as they worked around her home country of Yemen.

Winning First place in 2008 and 2010 in the Yemen Ministry of Tourism photography competition, Amira and her work has caught the eyes of many around the world. She has held exhibition and talks in Yemen, Lebanon, New York, Netherlands and Cambodia.

Amira hopes that through her photography she can communicate and give a more honest look at the people of Yemen and their culture, which may not be accurately represented in the media today.